Brian Michael Bendis Talks Killing Professor Xavier

The franchise itself had outgrown Xavier. They really didn't need him any more.

In our newest peek behind the curtain of the big Marvel NOW! inititaive, Brian Michael Bendis tells us what led to the decision to kill Professor X in "Avengers vs. X-Men" and why he won't be showing up in "All-New X-Men."

He said he was surprised that the "X-office" was not up in arms about wanting to off the mutant mentor:

I was kind of surprised how there was no a hositility, they didn't really like Xavier. The other writers, the editors, they really weren't into Xaveir.

He added:

I guess it became clear the franchise itself had outgrown Xavier, they didn't need him anymore. They've all graduated, and the ones that graduated are now teaching school. They don't need him.

So they, in Bendis' words, had a chat not unlike the cold and disturbing conservation at the end of the movie "Network" when they decide to kill Howard Beale, except instead of the "Mad as Hell" newsman, it was the leader of the X-Men they were icing.

In our next clip Bendis discussed the challenges of juggling multiple characters.

He said:

Any day of the week you can have one hundred characters in the book and they're very easy to screw up.

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