'Iron Sky' Prequel Comic Swooping In From IDW In 2013

A graphic novel setting up the events of the indie sci-fi comedy "Iron Sky" is being prepped at IDW and it's coming from the creative team behind the Bin Laden hunt OGN, "Code Word: Geronimo" as well as the 360 survival horror game "Alan Wake."

Amin Amat will be supplying interior art for the book that's simply being titled "Iron Sky" with Gerry Kissell providing the words as the duo explores the rise of Der Überführer (played by veteran genre actor Udo Kier in the film). The green screen-heavy comedy is set in the near future, years after the Nazis launched a secret program to install a colony on the moon with the plan of invading the Earth with their retro-futuristic ships and weapons. Kier's character, Wolfgang Kortzfleisch, lead the villains in the film, plotting the takeover of Earth.

Space Nazis seem to be doing well for the "Iron Sky" creators--besides the comic, a mobile game was released for iOS while back in September, Topware Interactive announced a space shooter on the way for the Xbox 360 and PS3. The film itself was fun, although it was more a triumph of aesthetic than any huge comedy accomplishment--hopefully we won't be reaching the point where they've exhausted all of the good will built up by the crowdsourced "Iron Sky."

IDW's book won't be all that long--coming in at a total of 104 pages with 67 dedicated to the actual story and another 37 for bonus material, etc, along with content from the film's writer Timo Vuorensola.

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