Argument Over 'The Walking Dead' Ends With Shooting

The suspect shot his girlfriend in the back after arguing about how potentially realistic the AMC show "The Walking Dead" was.

A Long Island man was arrested for allegedly shooting his girlfriend, after the two fought about how realistic the idea of a zombie apocalypse was -- particularly in reference to the TV show "The Walking Dead."

AM New York reports that Jared M. Gurman was annoyed that his girlfriend of three years, Jessica Gelderman, would not accept the possibility that -- in the words of the detective on the case -- "some sort of virus or something" could be released, thus leading to a "Walking Dead" scenario. So when she came back to his place to "smooth things over," he allegedly shot her in the back with a rifle. Gurman was quoted as telling police:

"Jess walked into the room and I fired the gun once and hit her. She said, 'Oh my God. What did you do?'"

Gelderman is in stable condition, with the bullet still in her back. Gurman is in police custody, with the judge in the case ordering him held without bail.

No word if it is possible for humanity to be infiltrated with humanoid beings who attack and even kill for apparently no good reason. Will have to do more research on that.

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