Avengers, Hellboy in Hell, and Voltron: New Comics For December 5th

It’s December, which means it’s a big week for Marvel Comics! Okay, that doesn’t follow, but the second statement is still true, and is led by AVENGERS #1. The highly anticipated title from Jonathan Hickman and Jerome Opena gives us our first new take on the main Marvel franchise in nearly a decade, and as you could imagine from Hickman, things get real weird, real fast.

We’re also looking forward to AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #699, which continues the slow march to whatever happens in ASM #700. THUNDERBOLTS #1 brings writer Daniel Way and artist Steve Dillon together for the reddest team this side of Stalin and Lenin. And HAWKEYE #5 does whatever a Hawkguy can. Which is be amusing, and look awesome, mostly, just like this book.

Over at DC Comics, the Rotworld crossover continues in ANIMAL MAN #15 and SWAMP THING #15. In new title news, though, HUMAN BOMB #1 continues Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray’s retolling of the Freedom Fighter characters. Their first two series were a ton of fun, so this is one to look forward to.

The other huge release this week is HELLBOY IN HELL #1, the long awaited continuation of Big Red’s story from Mike Mignola. Dark Horse has been pretty mum on this, but everything in the Hellboy/BPRD universe has been excellent or better for years now, so we can’t wait. If you get two titles from the publisher, pick up Paul Tobin’s COLDER #2, which picks up right where the creepy, original horror/fantasy/mystery left off in issue one.

Finally, a duo of titles we’re anticipating: Valiant's SHADOWMAN #2, which also picks up from a strong debut; and VOLTRON: YEAR ONE #6, probably the best title Dynamite is currently publishing, and our favorite Voltron story ever. And there are no robots in it! Cray cray!

See you next week!