'Upstream Color' Is Your Enigmatic, Beautiful, Dangerous Sci-Fi Trailer Of The Day

Hey, wanna see a beautiful trailer? Then check this brief look at writer-director Shane Carruth's first film in eight years, "Upstream Colors."

Carruth's 2004 film "Primer" is a movie that invites--demands--repeat viewing. That film followed two garage inventors/would-be entrepreneurs who might have figured out the secret to time travel and opened up a whole other can of temporal worms in their path to getting rich. The how's and why's of that film bear investigation, and each new viewing of the lo-fi, low-budget, very smart sci-fi movie reveals something new about it.

"Upstream Color" doesn't appear to be laying its cards on the table in terms of what we should expect from Carruth this time out. Even the synopsis is deliberately vague: "A man and woman are drawn together, entangled in the life cycle of an ageless organism." I will say the opening line had me thinking of this guy, though I can't imagine Carruth engineering a complex plot to infiltrate the X-Men and turn the ugliest students against the team.

Besides the trailer, Carruth released these two pieces of art--only the first really hinting at the feeling of mystery which comes across in the trailer.

Look for "Upstream Color' sometime next spring.