What Would Stan Do?: Bendis On 'All-New X-Men' Changes

...if Stan was still in charge, you wouldn't even recognize the Marvel Universe.

Brian Michael Bendis is known to have shaken up a continuity or two in his days as one of the chief architects of the Marvel Universe. He's also known to have shaken up the mental well-beings of many a' Marvel fan by killing Xavier, re-memorifiying Wolverine and much more. The man likes change, but change--if you ask a lot of comics fans--is not always good.

Watch our our exclusive Marvel NOW! video interview with the writer for more on this, then check after the jump for Bendis' thoughts on the "mis-perceived" Scott "Cyclops" Summers.

About change, Bendis said:

There are certain fans that get really worried about change. Like really worried about things being different. When Joe [Quesada] was editor-in-chief there would be fans who would yell, you're changing things too much, just do it the way Stan did it!

According to Bendis, when Stan Lee was running the show at Marvel, he was THE biggest proponent of change.

Look how Spider-Man went from the Ditko years to the Romita years. Look at the Avengers, by issue 16 they wee a completely different team. He would change things so quickly that if Stan was still in charge, you wouldn't even recognize the Marvel Universe. If asnything, we're the ones writing valentines to him.

In a second, extra-special look behind the scenes of Marvel NOW!, Bendis explains why he finds Scott Summers to be one of the most fascinating characters to write.

He said:

...he was misperceived--like Captain America--as one of the most vanilla characters, but really, he's not at all.

Find out more about Bendis' feelings toward the fallen leader of the X-Men including his thoughts about Scott killing his mentor/father figure Professor Xavier:

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