EXCLUSIVE: Hapless Teens Hide From a Bungling Slasher In This 'Kill Me Now' Clip

What's going to kill them first--the lunatic with the drill or their own brain cell deficiency?

"Kill Me Now" is the feature film acting/writing/producing debut of Cracked.com Head of Video Michael Swaim. His work on the site's "Agents of Cracked" video segments are often things of loopy, deranged humor--and that's the approach he and director Travis Long have taken with "Kill Me Now." The feature pits a group of teens partying in an isolated cabin against the erudite "Driller Killer" (Brett Fancy) who's decided to wage a one-man war against idiocy using heavy tools.

"Kill Me Now" will make its big screen premiere on December 5th in Los Angeles and you can bring it to your city via Tugg.com.

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