Will It Be Darkseid Vs. Thanos in 2015 Superhero Movie Race?


They're big, mean, and both sort of "purplely" -- could Thanos from "The Avengers 2" be having a box-office showdown with Darkseid (who technically is sort of gray, but purple sometimes) in the 2015 superhero movie race? That's the rumor from that source of many intriguing superhero film rumors, Latino Review. MTV Splashpage has the scoop on the latest bit of "Justice League" movie gossip, that involves DC Universe "Big Bad" Darkseid being the heavy in the upcoming film:

"Created by Jack Kirby, Darkseid has plagued the pages of DC Comics since his first appearance in 1970, going up against a wide assortment of heroes including Superman, Batman, the Green Lantern Corps and much more. Of all the recognizable villains in the DC catalogue, there are few better choices than Darkseid to stand against the big-screen 'Justice League.'"


Splashpage seems to be a bit more optimistic about this rumor than previous ones, but expresses doubt that the "JL" movie will ever get made by 2015 unless Warner Bros. hustles. If Darkseid is indeed the bad guy for "Justice League," he will most certainly have his counterpart in Thanos. Will Evil Space Grimace be next?

Evil Space Grimace

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