Exclusive: Retro Posters For 'Star Trek: The Original Series' Episodes

Update: Head over to the QMx shop to jump on the waiting list for these awesome prints HERE! They're expected to become available mid-December.

Yes, we just saw the debut of the new "Star Trek Into Darkness" poster, yes it's intriguing, yes it looks dark and doomy, but that's not important right now. Cuz right now, we're talking retro "Trek."

Beginning this past summer and continuing each month, StarTrek.com is debuting 4 amazing retro prints by Juan Ortiz based on each "Star Trek: The Original Series" episode. Back in September we premiered the prints for both "Catspaw" and "The Alternative Factor" and we're thrilled to be able to drop 2 of the newest installments of this very awesome project.

Our first exclusive reveal comes from the classic epsiode "The Arena." Fans familiar with "TOS" know this one as the ep where Kirk does brutal battle with The Gorn, one of "Trek's" most famous baddies.

The second poster is from "Spectre of the Gun," which saw Kirk and the crew forced to re-enact the gunfight at the O.K. Corral.

Each poster is 18x24 and you will be able to get on a wait list at StarTrek.com and QMxonline.com tonight, for a chance to purchase them.

Here's Kirk duking it out with The Gorn in "The Arena" because there's never not a good time to watch this scene.