The Daily Geek: 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Poster, The Pope's Twitter Handle, A 'Walking Dead' Teaser And More

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STAR TREK INTO DARK...KNIGHT? Here's the first international poster for the "Trek" sequel and it sure is evocative of those Bat movies that kids love so much.

HOLY HASHTAG! The Pope is on twitter! Tweet him funny cat memes @pointfex

THE DEAD WALK AGAIN! "Walking Dead" returns in 2013. Here's the teaser from AMC.

MARVEL MONDAY! Get some sweet on "Thunderbolts," "Vengeance," "Villains for Hire" and "The Order" over at comiXology!

DANTE! Kenneth J. Souza is writing a book on the great Joe Dante! Find out more at

MCAFEE! If you guys aren't following the trails and tibulations of anti-virus pioneer John McAfee, you're missing out. Hit BoingBoing for more.

12 QUESTION WITH WOODY ALLEN! What does Woody find annoying about himself and more. From Gothamist.

'Til tomorrow, gang!

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