J.J. Abrams And The Cast Of 'FRINGE' Celebrate 100 Episodes

We've got until January 18th to officially say goodbye to FRINGE, but the cast and crew have already wrapped production. So this past Saturday, they all gathered in Vancouver, British Columbia - where the show is filmed - for a celebration of the 100th Episode... Which also doubles as the last episode of the show. Sob.

Courtesy of FOX, we've got two universes worth of pictures from the event which featured not only most of the regular cast, but also creator J.J. Abrams... And interestingly, Seth Gabel, who played Lincoln Lee the past few seasons, and has been noticeably absent in Season 5 since he got stuck on an alternate Earth. Does that mean that Earth-2 will return to help FRINGE division fight back against the evil Observers?

Well, dur.

Here's the pics, which sadly do not feature Lance Reddick, or, I guess, Kirk Acevedo. Or Mark Valley. Or that Hedgehog man. Anyway, here you go: