Batman To Get His Own Board Game In 2013

The Dark Knight is getting his own board game, and it's coming with a video game tie-in to boot. Cryptozoic Entertainment has announced "Batman: Arkham City Escape," based on the similarly-named video game, and slated for a February 2013 release.

In "Batman: Arkham City Escape," one player takes control of Batman, while the other plays the role of his Rogues Gallery. Details on the gameplay beyond that are still slim at this point, but the game is based around a race to 10 victory points that spans an advertised 45 minute playtime. It's clear based on those details that this game has been kept light enough to appeal to a casual Batman fan audience, while hints at gameplay from card images indicate there is enough depth to appeal to the hobby gaming crowd as well.

The major elements at play here are the special abilities of villains versus the equipment on Batman's utility belt. A good example of the former is Two-Face, who has a special ability that requires a coin flip. Depending on the result, Two-Face will either destroy a Batman Ally card or do nothing.

As for Batman's utility belt items, a quick look turns up many abilities to perform bonus card draws and movement. In one case, a remote electrical charge allows Batman to both move an enemy character and cause them to lose a turn. Although most early information on this game relates to its cards, "Batman: Arkham City Escape" is most definitely still a board game. In fact, there are two boards, one main game board, and a separate smaller board used only for gameplay relating to the utility belt.

Here are two preview cards from the upcoming game:

A full set of eight preview cards can be found in the game's official product page on Cryptozoic Entertainment's website. "Batman: Arkham City Escape," marks a continued push by Cryptozoic to license comic books, an industry which company leadership has close ties. Cryptozoic has previously produced the "DC Comics Deck-Building Game," "Locke & Key: The Game," and two games based on the Penny Arcade webcomic.

One thing is for sure, though. There are already a whopping 30 Batman board games in existence, but this one will likely be the best of them all.