'The Great Putty Drop Of 2012' Will Test What Happens When 50 Pounds Of Putty Falls 50 Feet

What would happen if you took 50 pounds of putty and dropped it from 42 feet in the air? We have absolutely no idea, but if you want to find out, The Franklin Institute of Philadelphia is the place to be on December 8th. Together with Crazy Aaron’s Puttyworld, The Franklin Institute will drop 50 pounds of Thinking Putty from the ceiling of the museum’s Atrium during The Great Putty Drop of 2012.

The event is a hands-on putty science experiment and admission is free, so long as you cough up the dough to actually get in the museum. During the event, Puttyworld’s founder “Crazy” Aaron will provide an interactive, 30-minute demonstration of “wacky putty science” incorporating lessons on chemistry, mass, polymers and more. Before the drop actually happens, the audience will be encouraged to make predictions about what will happen when the giant ball of putty plummets to the floor. Will it bounce, splat or shatter?

"This is the first time an enormous ball of putty will be dropped from the top of The Franklin Institute, and we are so excited to partner with them to bring fun and interactive putty science to the museum’s visitors," said Aaron Muderick, founder of Crazy Aaron’s Puttyworld. "I love creating situations where kids and adults are able to reconnect to the sciences of the physical world."

Each audience member will also receive a complimentary tin of Thinking Putty as a souvenir. The tins contain Puttyworld's Heat-Sensitive Hypercolor Sunburst Thinking Putty so families can continue their putty science experiement at home. In addition, the Franklin Institute's Sci-Store will also be selling large containers of the Thinking Putty for $14.99 each.

Learn more about the The Great Putty Drop of 2012 by visiting The Franklin Institute here.