Top 5 Controversies That Will Be Rocking The Comics Industry Next

Over the past couple of weeks, we couldn’t help but notice that the comic book industry has been rocked – TO ITS VERY CORE – by some of the most terrible controversies in its history. And those controversies, often started by one website or another, get a lot of traffic, and a lot of discussion. We here at MTV Geek want in on that action. So herewith, some ideas on what will be the next five big shake-ups in comic-dom, and let’s be honest, probably the biggest of all time:

Scott Snyder Hates Birthdays

Well now, this is just disgusting. Well known for his cronyism, Batman writer Scott Snyder has clearly ignored that hundreds, if not thousands, of other people in the world have birthdays today, in favor of just Entertainment Weekly writer Geoff Boucher. We wonder what kind of sneaky, under the table monetary agreement the two had to get this out into the world. Looks like this is one writer who wants to have his cake, and not buy anyone else cake.

Marjorie Liu Doesn’t Support Sandy Relief

Here’s an instagram picture and tweet from "Astonishing X-Men" writer Marjorie Liu. Notice anything missing? That’s right, the Holiday Market at Bryant Park! In a time when New York City is still reeling from the after-effects of Hurricane Sandy, Liu refuses to support local businesses. Why don’t you just go to Red Hook and kick a puppy while you’re at it, Liu?

Greg Pak vs. Dude On The F Train

Well, looks like this is one Internet fight that finally hit its boiling point today. "X-treme X-Men" writer Greg Pak has a long standing feud with some dude on the F Train, and today, when that dude did sketches for tips, Pak said it was KIND OF awesome, rather than totally awesome. Sure we’re paraphrasing a bit, but where does Pak – a writer, filmmaker, and family man – get off criticizing an artist? And more importantly, how will Dude on the F Train respond? We’re practically throwing up with anticipation.

Geoff Johns Declares War On Canada

Oh, I guess Canadians can just go die in a ditch, huh Johns? Interesting that you’re launching Justice League of AMERICA at the same time as you tweet this. Unbelievable.

Neil Gaiman Disses His Fans

On November 27th, writer Neil Gaiman clearly said that he was hoping to see ‘Rise of the Guardians “tomorrow.” Well, NEIL, it’s tomorrow, and still no news about whether you’ve seen "Rise of the Guardians" or not. Clearly if Gaiman had any respect for his fans, he would have let us know what he thought about the hilarious mash-up of fantastical creatures fighting the Boogeyman for Christmas or whatever that movie is about. On an unrelated notes, Gaiman has set up a Foundation to help struggling comic book artists and donated $60,000 to it, you can check out more info here.

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