James T. Tynion IV Interview: 'Talon' Soars In Its Third Issue

The new DC Comics series "Talon," by Scott Snyder, James T. Tynion IV, and Guillem March, spins out from "Batman" and the popular "Court Of Owls" storyline to create an altogether unique and high-energy superhero. MTV Geek chatted with "Talon" co-writer about issue 3, which hits stores in early January.

MTV Geek: There's been a lot of buzz lately about your new series -- what's your reaction to that spotlight on "Talon"?

James T Tynion IV: I've been thrilled about the response over the last two months; I've been really excited about the story for a long time and I'm glad to see that people seem to be getting as excited as I am about it. The response has been incredible, and I hope people keep reading and loving it.

Geek: What can we expect in issue #3, hitting stores the beginning of January?

Tynion IV:  Issues 3 and 4 are part of a 2-part story  -- and it's a big one! # 3 is going to take Calvin Rose to New York City, which is a place where he has a very strong personal history with. We're going to see that this is where Calvin first went when he escaped The Court Of Owls. And we're also going to see the return of Casey and Sarah Washington, the two people from #0 who he refused to kill; this is where they start coming back in a really big way. We're really going to be digging into what Calvin was up to when he first escaped from the Court, what his first real actions were -- and what he and Casey tried to build in the City before he left. We're also going to see some new antagoniusts for Calvin that we're going to hint at at the end of issue 2...there's a lot of cool stuff happening in this issue! And it's going to have a huge impact on the direction of the series to come.

Geek: Would you say that the backdrop of New York City is almost like a character unto itself in this issue?

Tynion IV: I would say so - absolutely! Especially what it means for Calvin and his past there; the reason they're there is very New York-oriented. And we get to see a few cool locations in the City. It's really fun writing something in New York since normally we're writing over at Gotham City. It's nice to take a vacaction!

Geek: Do you think that "Talon" #3 is a good starting point for readers new to the title?

Tynion IV: Yes. This is where we really dig into all of Calvin's emotional history, and we see new relationships and characters that will impact the series tremendously moving forward. It would help to pick up the first few issues, just to know the premise of the book -- but this is a new story in this world, and we're going to see a lot more personal history start to unfold.

Geek: Can you hint at any big developments readers can expect in the near future in "Talon"?

Tynion IV: One thing I can hint at is after this two-parter, we might check in with a certain caped crusader and see how he feels about someone wearing a  Talon costume running around Gotham City in the DCU!

"Talon" #3 arrives in stores Jan.3