I Want To Believe Fox Is Planning An 'X-Files' Blu-ray Release

"The X-Files" might be getting a reboot sometime in the future, but what about the classic series? Well, if a report from The Digital Bits pans out, Fox might be planning to go HD with the series starting in late 2013.

You know, that's if the world hasn't ended by then, or anything.

According to The Digital Bits' sources, Fox plans to give the series the same kind of HD polish CBS provided to their "Star Trek" original series Blu-ray, with an eye towards "rebuilding" the series' nine seasons in HD. It'd be a good time for it too, since the show would be celebrating the 20th anniversary of its premiere in 2013.

Fox's last release of the series was a collection of DVD collections with, if I recall correctly, slim pack re-releases in 2006. And up until now, if you wanted to see stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson together in HD, you'd have to watch the pair of not-so-great Blu-ray releases of the pair of theatrical films.

[Source: The Digital Bits]