Hey, Did You See Neil Patrick Harris' Dark Puppet Show?

"Hi, I'm Neil. And when I sleep, I dream in puppet."

"Neil's Puppet Dreams" is the new web series from the "How I Met Your Mother" star for the Nerdist YoutTube channel developed by a surprising source: the Jim Henson Company through their Henson Alternative studio. I can't decide if the funniest thing here is the short itself, or learning that Neil Patrick Harris is actually a huge puppet nut and keeps a workshop in his garage (thanks, Slate). Harris co-created the series with "The Legend of Korra" voice actress Janet Varney.

In this first episode, "The Lullabye," Neil struggles with a falling dream after trying to put his baby to sleep. Thankfully, a trio of cherubic felt people are there to help him. Or lead him to a splattery doom. It's all good.

Oh, and if you'd like the lyrics to the little ditty in the video:

Oh Sweet Baby Neil,

Don't you fret,

Don't you cry,

You're falling,

You're sinking,

When you'd rather fly...

We angels are with you,

Feel our love divine,


The worst that could happen?

You shatter your spine.

Feel the wind in your hair,

Sunshine on your face,

Now just close your eyes,

Trust in our holy grace.

You're drifting,

You're floating,

You're gliding on air,

'Til you hit the ground and you're

crushed then and there.

Your limbs will snap off and your

organs will burst.

You'll look like an art piece by

Damien Hirst.

Your noggin will crack,

Turn your brain into cream,

So say your good-byes by the end of

this dream.

You won't have a mouth by the end

of this dream.

Oh your insides'll be outsides by

the end of this...


End of this...


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