You Probably Don't Want To Sign Your Kids Up For 'Horror Kids Day Care'

What happens when the parents of Danny Torrence, Samara from "The Ring," Eli* from "Let the Right One In," and other iconic freaky tykes from the world of horror need to go to work, but have no one to watch the kids? They send them to Happy Dreams Day Care!


At Happy Dreams, delightful director Catherine Daisy corrals the creepy little ones and keeps them focused on their daily activities as they float, speak in tongues, vomit, read from the Necronomicon, act genrerally terrifying and of course, have their snacks.

This fantastic short comes from the folks at College Humor and it would seriously make for an amazing full-length movie. The Necronomicon and Regan's spinning head bits are absolutely priceless.

*Technically it's Abby from "Let Me In," but whatever.

[Source: Shock Til You Drop]