FF, Talon, and Godzilla: New Comics For November 28th

We’re still stuffed from Thanksgiving last week, but can always make room for new comics! I mean, we don’t eat them or anything, we just read them. We swear. Okay maybe once. But here’s a few comics we’re anxiously looking forward to consuming with our eyes, not our mouths:

The title we’re most excited for? Marvel Comics’ FF #1, by Matt Fraction, with art by the always stupendous Mike Allred. The book puts together an alternate version of the Fantastic Four, featuring Ant-Man, She-Hulk, super-haired Medusa, and a pop-star in a Thing suit called Ms. Thing. Is it fair to say this is the Marvel NOW! title we’re most jazzed for? Yes it is fair. It totally is.

Also from Marvel, there’s a trio of X-Men titles, including ALL NEW X-MEN #2, following up on the strong debut issue; X-TREME X-MEN #7, our favorite dimension tripping comic featuring Dazzler; and GAMBIT #6, featuring the only mutant who’s main power seems to be to lose his shirt at least once an issue.

Over at DC, we’re pretty interested to see if TALON #2 holds up on the promise of the first two issues. With the back-story and prelude out of the way, it’s time to finally see Calvin Rose in action against the Court of Owls – here’s hoping it delivers.

We’re also looking forward to the conclusion of the strongest Before Watchmen series, BEFORE WATCHMEN SILK SPECTRE #4; the continued gorilla attack on Central City in FLASH #14; and BATMAN INCORPORATED #5, which flashes back to the dystopian Gotham City of Batman #666.

At Image, there’s the only comic this week that we WOULD potentially eat, CHEW #30, which promises big things for our favorite investigative eaters. The publisher also is releasing FATALE #10, an increasingly strong, under the radar supernatural noir that we sincerely hope you all add to your pull lists.

Dark Horse has another strong week with ANGEL & FAITH #16, BPRD: HELL ON EARTH #101, and GHOST #2. The first is one of our favorite ongoing series; the second promises the return of the biggest bad in Mignola’s universe; and the latter follows up on an incredible, near perfect first issue. So there goes all your money?

Finally, IDW has GODZILLA #7, which is starting to kick into – what’s the gear higher than high gear? Highest gear maybe? Anyway, if the first six issues were dialed up to 11, this just broke off the dial. BOOM has ADVENTURE TIME #10, one of the quirkiest all ages series around. And Dynamite launches MASKS #1, mixing all your favorite old-timey crime-fighters into one epic crossover.

That’s it! See you next week, for December! And new comics, we guess.