5 Reasons Joseph Gordon-Levitt HAS To Be Batman In New Justice League Movie

Rumors are flying this morning about Joseph Gordon-Levitt possibly playing Batman in the new "Justice League" movie. Personally, I heard fleeting buzz (forgot where) that Jake Gyllenhaal was going to be Batman, and Josh Wigler of MTV Splashpage cautions, "consider the JGL-Batman rumor nothing more than that — a big, fat rumor." But he also sees the logic in Gordon-Levitt taking up the cowl, and so do I.

And the stakes could never be higher than now for Warner Bros., with the Nolan trilogy over, "Green Lantern" in the crapper, "Man of Steel" still an unknown quantity, and the new Star Wars/Marvel films taking the spotlight. Here's five reasons why casting Joseph Gordon-Levitt would not only be a great idea — it might be the only course of action WB has to save this "JL" movie franchise:

1. Continuity With The Nolan Films

Maybe not exact continuity with the Batman trilogy, but at least some sort of "bridge" connecting these two movie series. A bit of time had passed between the Burton/Schumacher and Nolan movie series — "Justice League" won't have that luxury. So keeping continuity by keeping JGL is key.

2. The Youth Factor

Hey, I love Christian Bale as Batman, but I loved this guy in the Nineties as well. He's grown up with me, and that is awesome. But grabbing the next generation of fans is key, and I think WB needs to go a bit younger — especially if "JL" follows the path of the present comic book, where everybody is meeting each other for the first time (instead of being like "I'm too old for this shit" and having their ambitious sidekicks waiting anxiously in the wings).

3. Everybody @!#&%*# Loves Joseph Gordon-Levitt

It's true; look it up.

4. JGL Is Pretty, But Can Play Gritty

His performances in "Dark  Rises" and "Looper" more than demonstrate this actor's ability to make the move from quirky romantic comedy guy to badass action star. "Looper" in particular showed off an incredible depth of character and a crushing sense of loss — key elements in effectively playing the Caped Crusader.

5. Because I Said So

You heard me -- get cracking, WB! Start encasing him in a latex mold and get this new costume created STAT!

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