EXCLUSIVE: Matt Fraction To Donate His Royalties For 'Hawkeye' #7 To Hurricane Sandy Relief

We've got exclusive information from Matt Fraction about a special hurricane-themed issue of "Hawkeye." Check out the video below.

Originally, Marvel was planning to reveal a brand new villain in the pages of issue 7 of Matt Fraction and David Aja's amazing "Hawkeye" series, but in light of the destruction and devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, the company decided to push back its regularly scheduled programming to bring a special hurricane relief-themed issue.

Fraction, along with artists Steve Lieber and Jesse Hamm will tell a two-part story about Clint Barton and his protege Kate Bishop's efforts to help citizens following a disastrous storm in Brooklyn and New Jersey. As Fraction says in the above video, he tried to highlight the real-life bravery non-super-powered heroes showed during the storm by way of his fictional non-super-powered Avenger. "So many regular people did so much good, it felt like Hawkeye is an appropriate place to do a Sandy story."

Speaking of real-life regular people doing good, Fraction has decided to donate his royalties for scripting "Hawkeye" #7 to the American Red Cross. So the more copies that you buy, the more money Matt will donate. It's an incredibly generous gesture, one that Fraction admits, is risky, but worth it, "...it occured to me that if this is too successful that this could be the most painful check that I ever write...but c'mon, make it hurt!"

Check out an exclusive first look at the cover for "Hawkeye" #7 right here. The issue hits on 1/16/13. And if you'd like to donate to the American Red Cross, please visit http://www.redcross.org/.

HAWKEYE #7 (NOV120725)



Cover by DAVID AJA

FOC – 12/17/12, ON-SALE – 1/16/13

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