MTV Geek's Best Cult Films Of 2012

There's the good, the great, and then there's the BEST. Welcome to MTV Geek's Best of 2012 -- what we thought were the cream of the crop this year in the world of GEEK!

By Charles Webb & Eddie Wright

10. FLYING SWORDS AT DRAGON GATE: Stop me if you've heard this one: in imperial China, political intrigue is joined with high-flying wire-fu action...z-z-z-z. The glossy historical epic gets a jolt of life as Hong Kong action director Tsui Hark reteams with Jet Li for the first time since producing Black Mask 16 years ago. Instead of the usually serious foreign Oscar-bait martial arts dramas, FSaDG is gleefully violent and just plain nuts with cross-dressing knights, supernaturally powerful eunuchs and a brawl in the middle of a sandstorm twister. In 3D!

9. THE DAY: A blacker than black horror film (from WWE Studios, no less) finds a band of survivors in the apocalypse fortifying themselves against a violent attack. The last time I was this thoroughly surprised and pleased by an under-the-radar film like this was Attack the Block.

8. THE AMERICAN SCREAM: A heartwarming (and occasionally awkward) doc about the folks who put their ghoulish hearts and souls into creating low budget neighborhood Halloween haunts. "Best Worst Movie" director Michael Stephenson has proved he's got what it takes to hold the mirror up to cult fans and obsessives and reflect a sincere and inoffensive image.

7. SOUND OF MY VOICE: A cult movie about a mysterious cult leader, actress and co-writer Brit Marling is impossible to take your eyes off of as a supposed time traveler who weaves her spell over a journalist and his girlfriend.

6. DREDD 3D: A pair of Street Judges don't know what's in store for them when they attempt to nab a drug kingpin in her high-rise tenement. Superficially similar to "The Raid," this film update to the comic series brings the violence in its own funny, stylish, and vicious way from a script by "28 Days Later" writer Alex Garland.

5. PARANORMAN: A major release that nonetheless didn't quite connect with audiences, this film from Coraline stop-motion studio Laika is beautiful, scary, and features a message to boot.

4. THE RAID: REDEMPTION - A SWAT team doesn't know what's in store for them when they attempt to nab a drug kingpin in his high-rise tenement. Piles of broken, bloodied bodies litter the path of star Iko Uwais in this film from Gareth Evans.

3. CLOUD ATLAS: Misunderstood, overly ambitious, crazy-pants whacky, absurdly cast, awkwardly acted, yet stunningly moving and ultimately inspiring. A movie that despite its flaws, not only finds its way into your heart, but somehow manages to expand it.

2. CABIN IN THE WOODS: THE film for horror fans this year. It played on your expectations, it turned the genre on its ear, it spun cliches into unique directions and most of all, it was heck of a lot of fun. This is not only a future cult classic, but a future litmus test movie for possible new best friends. If they don't dig "Cabin," they don't dig movies.

1. LOOPER: "Looper" will soon join the titles that cult fans rattle off when recommending brainy sci-fi to their friends. "Have you seen 'Blade Runner,' '2001,' 'Alphaville,' 'Primer'...'Looper'?"

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