Batman, Stop Peeping At Superman And Wonder Woman!

If you haven't read "Justice League" #14 yet, which hit stores last week -- I really don't want to spoil it for you. Like, forget you even read this post.

But "spoiler barrier" aside, I really want to talk about Batman's total lack of respecting his Justice League co-members' space.

In the final pages of the issue in question, Superman and Wonder Woman totally make out:


This, in itself, is not News -- they've been carrying on this romance for a few issues now. What is news is the fact that apparently Batman is totally spying on them, while they're "doing it":

I'm not sure what other tabs Bats has open on his Bat-Monitor, but thatz not cool, Batman!

Look, I know that you are distrusting by nature, Batman. Here we have these two strange, fantastically-powered uber-humanoids that you don't know a heck of a lot about. Their baby could totally set of Armageddon or something like that -- I get it.

But don't peep on your other Justice League peeps. Joker and Penguin okay, Superman and Wonder Woman not okay.

That's my lecture to you Batman. Perhaps try Chatroulette instead.

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