The Daily Geek: Cyber Monday Sales, Confidential Confetti And More

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CYBER MONDAY! ComiXology is having big sales on select Marvel, IDW and Dynamite titles!


BOOM! will give you 25% off your comics and free shipping for orders over $10.00.

FOR YOUR (AND PRETTY MUCH EVERBODY ELSE'S) EYES ONLY So some of that confetti that fell during the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade was made up of confidential police documents.

Among other things on the confetti, were detectives' names and phone numbers, details on a pipe bombing in the Kings Grant area of Long Island, and possible information about Mitt Romney's motorcade at the presidential debate on LI.

DID YOU KNOW? Moviefone looks at 25 things you might not know about "The Evil Dead." Here's one:

The voice of the professor heard on the tape recording is that of Turner Classic Movies host Bob Dorian.

REJECTED! If your screenplay was rejected by the Essanay Film Manufacturing Company between 1907-1925, you may have received a letter like this:

NO KIDDING? "Paranormal Activity 5" is coming this Halloween (natch!)

THESE NEED TO EXIST! Russell Gawthorpe used Photoshop to change his "Star Trek" action figures into these Heroes of Science Action Figures. Unfortunately these don't exist...yet!

'Til tomorrow, gang!