'Grave Of The Fireflies' Will Now Break Your Heart As A Live-Action Feature

Akiyuki Nosaka's autobiographical novel of surviving in the wake of the firebombing of Kobe in 1945 will be headed into production as a live-action feature from Dresden Pictures in 2014, according to Screen Daily.

The film, centered on two children struggling to survive in the wake of the bombings, is a grueling, yet humanist tale of one boy's love for his sister. It's also an insight for Western audiences into the impact of the firebombings on Japan, the steady onslaughts which targeted military targets including arms and munitions plants which happened to be in the middle of crowded population centers, leaving hundreds of thousands of victims dead (Tokyo alone suffered somewhere around 100,000 fatalities).

And from that, Nosaka crafted his novel, which was then adapted by "Pom Poko" and "My Neighbors The Yamadas" director Isao Takahata for Studio Ghibli.

Dresden Pictures has acquired the U.K. rights to the film, and it's probably an easy assumption to make that they might change the setting to England during the war, which similarly suffered massive bombings from the Germans.

This announcement comes as "Grave of the Fireflies" nears the 25th anniversary of its release in the U.S. and to commemorate the milestone, distributor Gkids plans a theatrical run later this year. Additionally, you can pick up Section23's Blu-ray release which dropped earlier this week.

[Source: Screen Daily]

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