MTV Geek's 2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For The 'Star Wars' Fan

With the holidays just around the corner, we at MTV Geek want to help you out with your shopping lists! Here's our Official "Star Wars" Gift Guide!

Star Wars: The Complete Saga [Episodes I-VI]

The whole shebang! Get caught up before "Episode VII!" Amazon

Star Wars Vader PJ Tank/Pants

We love to get dressed up but our fashion staple is a comfortable pair of pajamas! Preferably flannel pants would be involved! Well, we've got you covered with our Darth Vader pajama set featuring brand new art by one of our favorite artists, Katie Cook! Darth Vader would definitely wake up on the Dark Side of the bed but when you wake up in these ultra cozy pajamas, you'll feel so happy! Runs true to size but if you're like us, we like our pajamas a little loose. Her Universe

Star Wars: The Other Sons of Tatoonie Omnibus

In the Galactic Civil War, Luke Skywalker was not the only hero to hail from Tatooine.

Luke's story has been told time and again, but what about the journeys of his boyhood friends, Biggs Darklighter and Janek "Tank" Sunber? Two very different paths led them both to be heroes in their own right: one a hero of the Rebellion, the other a hero of the Empire...

Discover their stories in this complete omnibus collection--plus, a tale starring galactic smuggler BoShek, yet another son of Tatooine!

Star Wars Glowing Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker

Before Blue Milk, before Ewok Jerky, before that frog thing that Jabba eats, before even Yoda's stew, the main food of the Jedi was ice pops! Of course, a true Jedi made their ice pop holder themselves. Most Jedi used juice to make their ice pops, as it was healthy and nourished the mind and soul, but some preferred alcoholic beverages. These souls became the Sith (named after a brand of Alderaanian vodka), and you know the rest. It's time to make yourself a treat from long, long ago with your very own Star Wars Lightsaber Ice Pops! ThinkGeek

Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser

It's no secret that Darth Vader has anger issues. He's quick with the barking of orders and the Force choking. He rules by intimidation, which works... okay. We wonder, though, if Vader could take a page from a leader who had the admiration and respect of his crew: Jean-Luc Picard. And let's face it, the crew of the Enterprise were much better shots than the average Stormtrooper. ThinkGeek

Star Wars McQuarrie Darth Vader Bronze Bust

Six months before Star Wars was released in the summer of 1977, the paperback novel for the film came out to a public that had not yet been introduced to the iconic Sith Lord, Darth Vader. On that paperback's cover was a portrait of the Dark Lord by Star Wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie, whose design was markedly different from the Vader seen on screen. This limited edition by Gentle Giant Studios commemorates McQuarrie's original vision for Darth Vader, distinguished by cleaner lines and a distinctive glare. The solid bronze bust is limited to just 100 pieces worldwide, weighs approximately 10 pounds, and measures 8-inches tall. Entertainment Earth

Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet

What a terrific prop replica from Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope! To ensure that this beautifully crafted 1:1 scale plastic Star Wars A New Hope Stormtrooper Helmet retained all of the subtle nuances of the hand-sculpted original, the engineers at eFx Collectibles digitally scanned a surviving original helmet. It's an amazing and iconic piece of Star Wars history. Entertainment Earth

Star Wars Life Size Yoda Replica

A dream come true! Wouldn't it be the ultimate in cool to have a real, live Yoda in your living room to counsel and protect you? While we can't quite give you that, we do offer the next best thing. This astonishing Supreme Edition Collector's Life-Size Yoda Replica stands 26-inches tall and looks and feels like the real thing. You'll swear the Jedi Master is standing there in front of you! This truly amazing statue will make any collector's dream come true and take his/her Star Wars collection to entirely new heights. It includes a thematic base, and the green lightsaber comes detached and needs to be secured with adhesive (not included). Entertainment Earth

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