Paul Cornell And Alan Davis Whip Out The Claws For 'Wolverine' #1

Following the SNIKT-ity tease released last week, Marvel announced the new "Wolverine" series from writer Paul Cornell and artist Alan Davis for Marvel NOW!.

According to the official press release:

When pitted against a villain unlike any Wolverine has faced before, Logan must rely on his instinct in order to ensure innocent bystanders remain unharmed. And when the threat is something Wolverine cannot see – how will he be able to unleash the animal within and keep the body count low?

About the new series, Paul Cornell said:

The most amazing thing about James is that he's been alive so long, gone through so many extraordinary things, is such a strange being, but holds on—very hard—to being a guy who likes to hang out in bars with good company, who can run a school, who's a decent, civilized man. Most of the time. No vampire alienation and boredom for him. He's a man of the people. I'm going to poke that and see what happens.

Interesting how he uses Logan's infrequently used first name James.

"Wolverine" joins Frank Cho's "Savage Wolverine" as part of Marvel NOW!'s JAMES output.

"Wolverine" #1 hits in March 2013.

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