Amazing Spider-Man, Supurbia, and Comeback: New Comics For November 21st

This week, we’ve got less than the usual comics, as everyone makes room for Turkey… But that doesn’t mean we won’t see some big issues, particularly where Marvel is concerned. Kicking that off? AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #698, which begins the “Dying Wish” storyline. We don’t know a lot, but we do know writer Dan Slott has been promising huge things for our neighborhood webslinger, and it all begins here. Then two issues later? ASM gets cancelled, and we freak out. So look forward to that!

Also this week are – beyond Spidey – probably the two best comics coming out from any mainstream publisher, with the double hit of DAREDEVIL #20 and HAWKEYE #4. With the former, we’re going to see how DD recovers from his head getting cut off last issue; and Hawkeye probably spends all issue trying to find the last remaining Twinkies in his neighborhood, because that’s the kind of book that book is. Also, CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 kicks off Rick Remender’s run with John Romita, Jr. – and having read it, we can say that’s it’s as crazy, and emotional as you might expect from Remender’s recent output.

Over at DC, it’s a light, but lady filled week for us. First up is SWORD OF SORCERY #2, easily one of our favorite titles from the publisher in just a few short months. The Amethyst main feature captures all the epic adventure and weird worlds you’d want from a title like this, while the Beowulf back-up is strange and interesting. Given DC has tried to get the anthology thing working a few times without effect, it’s pleasing to see this title nailing it so effortlessly. We’re also looking forward to WONDER WOMAN #14, because she fights someone named Siracca, and we’re pretty sure writer Brian Azzarello came up with that while perusing his shelf of hot sauce.

Also if you like strong, powerful women, you might want to check out BOOM’s new ongoing series SUPURBIA #1, from writer Grace Randolph. The pitch is “real Housewives, but with superpowers,” and the mini-series delivered on that promise in fun, epic fashion. Or if you DON’T like strong powerful women, check out IDW’s JUDGE DREDD #1, which presents the all new adventures of everyone’s favorite alpha-dude. Since JD is being published in America now, we imagine Dredd will be wearing Ed Hardy, and Mega-City One will now be Mega-Mall One. Just spitballing here.

IDW also has ROCKETEER: CARGO OF DOOM #4 by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee, and if you haven’t picked up the book yet: dinosaurs with jet packs. Yeah. That happened.

Image Comics releases three titles worth checking out this week. COMEBACK #1, features an agency that can save you from death… Through time travel. Naturally, everything goes perfectly smoothly with that! No problems at all! GLORY #30 has the most hilariously gruesome fight ever. And REVIVAL #5 answers some big questions in a series that’s rapidly becoming one of the more interesting, scary rides in comics.

And finally, there’s HARBINGER #6 from Valiant Comics, which kicks off a big new arc, and changes the basic premise of the series – or at least, returns it to its roots. We’ve been yelling from the rooftops how good this Valiant relaunch has been, so now’s the time to hop on board.

That’s it! Happy Thanksgiving, and we’ll see you back here next week for more comics!