The Daily Geek: Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse, Class Is In Session At 'Gotham High' And More

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- HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MICKEY! Mickey Mouse is 84 years old today. Here's an old pic of a Mickey costume from Disney World/Land (click here for more pics).

And here's his first appearance:

- GOTHAM HIGH! Watch this very clever mash-up vid for the imagined "Gotham High" series.

- SUBVERSIVE SUBMARINE! "The Guardian" looks at how the Beatles' "Yellow Submarine" changed animation:

Before Yellow Submarine, animation was a mild, goody-goody world of personality-free gloved mice and cartoon bears stealing picnic baskets. Only the Fleischer brothers in the 1930s dared to do really weird stuff with their early Popeye cartoons, and most of that is unknown to the general public. But after Yellow Submarine, it was a wholly different world. It wasn't just for kids. It was satire and art and, most of all, subversion.

- BUY! NextMovie counts down the best movie-related gifts for the Holiday season.

- HUNTRESS! Look who's popping by "Arrow."

- WAITING FOR THE "NOT!" So Mike Myers wrote a draft of "Wayne's World 3"? According to EW it:

Wayne and Garth coping with the new era of music, transitioning from access cable to streaming internet (ala Youtube) and Wayne balancing his marriage to Cassandra.


'Til tomorrow, gang!