The Scrolling LED Belt Buckle Puts Messages On Your Waistline

When someone mentions a new belt buckle the first thing that comes to mind is some ol' timey cattle baron or prison warden wearing a plaid shirt and flashy solid gold buckle with something like “Proud to be a Texan” or a longhorn carved in it. The Scrolling LED Belt Buckle, on the other hand, screams geek. Well, it actually just displays whatever you tell it to with LEDs, but you get the idea.

The Scrolling LED Belt Buckle, which you can snag from ThinkGeek, has 147 colored LEDs surrounded by a chrome frame that can be attached right to your belt. Its kind of like your own personal billboard, ready to share inappropriate messages with whoever happens to be staring at your... belt buckle.

What's great about the gadget is the fact that can display not only words, but whole messages up to 256 characters long. It's no Twitter dress, but you can store up 6 different messages or phrases at a time so passers by don't see the same thing twice.

Right now ThinkGeek is offering red and multi-colored versions (seen in pink above) for about $9-$10, but you can also grab yourself the super-cool blue version. Unfortunately, that bad boy is going to set you back about $30. Why the price difference, you ask? We have no idea.