Disney Princesses Looking Mighty Thin In This ‘Runway’ Video For Barney’s


Somebody give Snow White a sammich! Pronto!

Barney’s has teamed up with Disney for a holiday “fashion model” promotion called “Electric Holiday” featuring beloved characters such as Minnie Mouse and the Disney Princesses. This, is theory, is a pretty cool idea — the intersection between high couture and cartoons. But unfortunately, perhaps like some of their real-life counterparts, these “models” are a bit too much on the thin side. Take Tiana, for instance:

But the accompanying video is really Minnie Mouse’s show, as she fantasizes what it would be like to not have her small, soft, reasonably-sized mouse-shaped body and BE IN A PARISIAN FASHION SHOW!!!!

With help by the Fairy Godmother of fashion, SARAH JESSICA PARKER!!!

And OMG, just look at Minnie now:

Sarah nods approvingly:

Then Minnie remembers she’s really a size 8 on her best days and only three apples tall:

Sad trombone.

“Disney’s Electric Holiday”:

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