'Glee' Doing Superhero Tribute For Thanksgiving; Superheroes Officially No Longer Cool

This was sort of my reaction too.

No I'm just kidding, Gleesters. I'm sure it's going to be awesome.

One might think that the TV show "Glee" might do a Thanksgiving-themed episode for the holiday, but instead they are turning their melodious inspiration to the dangerous-yet-exciting world of the capes-and-cowls. We will be treated to such intriguing new superheroes as...Asian Persuation:


The Blond Chameleon:


and...Nightwing Nightbird:

There's also some evil guy in there, and some sort of allusions to "Game of Thrones" (which are sort of superheroes too, but hairier and maybe smellier).

All this -- plus singing!

At 9 PM Thanksgiving! Or you could turn to Nicktoons and just watch Dragon Ball GT instead. I'm just sayin'.

Glee "Dynamic Duets" trailer:

Via io9

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