ABC Torpedoes 'Last Resort,' Condemns '666 Park Avenue'

The two ambitious dramas won't make it beyond the first season, although ABC will allow both series to complete their 13-episode runs. The critics like them, the casts were great, so what the heck happened?

I have to agree, in part, with The AV Club's assessment that in the case of "Last Resort," the the Thursday night time slot probably wasn't doing the submarine crew on the run show any favors. It's not really a great place for this kind of long-form type of series, especially when matched against other competitive Thursday night programming. But even then, I wonder what the DVR numbers were like--were viewers simply unaware that there was a show with Andre Brauer was holding all of the nukes on a tropical island with a band of sexy sailors?

"666 Park Avenue" I have a harder time getting my head around. That one also got some positive attention from critics--I had my own list of things I liked about it from the start--but for whatever reason, audiences weren't responding to a show where a bunch of people with deep, dark secrets live under the same roof as a demonic, bargain-making Terry O'Quinn.

The one problem I can see with "666 Park Avenue" is that it might have anthologized its storytelling too much, focusing on each week's bargains in lieu of weaving a strong enough mystery and narrative thread throughout. Plus, leads Rachel Taylor and David Annable didn't quite have the right level of intrigue, mystery, or danger about them to keep viewers hooked. "Once Upon A Time" worked so well in its first season because we wanted to know how Snow, Charming, and the rest of the cast came to be in their circumstances. There was no kind of similar hook beyond the basic temptation story to hang on either lead in "666."

In the meantime, you can see the rest of the season play out on ABC through the rest of the year.

[Source: The AV Club]

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