2 Or 3 New 'Star Wars' Movies A Year - A Good Idea, Or Terrible Idea?

EW reports that Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy wants to put out "two or three" Star Wars movies every year. Remember that wait that felt like forever between "Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi"? Now it'd just be like "oh in a few months we get a new one."

 Are you a big enough "Star Wars" fan that you'd catch 2-3 new installments every year? Well yeah -- I guess if you're a fan, you probably would.

But how about the ordinary person-on-the-street?

Yeah, they'd probably catch them too.

I guess my main concern here is how they will put out that many quality films in such a short timespan. This feels literally "pumped out," rather than carefully planned. But I guess with all those Disney Bucks™ behind them they could afford to have several top-notch teams working at the same time. And Lucasfilm had been planning a TV series for a while, but balked at the traditional television production budgets; maybe now, they can just do some version of the TV show, but with a movie-sized bankroll.

Then again, maybe Lucasfilm will take the Marvel Studios route and just focus on certain characters or time periods, the films themselves leading into mega-crossovers like "The Avengers" was. Boba Fett movie, anyone?

But as much as I'd like to be Freaking-Out Excited Fangirl about this whole thing, it just feels a bit too over-exposed. Waiting is half the fun. If anything, movies seem to be going the route of TV series -- first serialized movies every year, like "Harry Potter" and "Twilight," now several films from the same franchise every 365 days. What's next, a movie every month? And as these rapid-fire sequels and spin-offs get budgeted, what happens to new concepts? "Sorry I can't fund your brilliant new fantasy movie, but we're still paying for 'Captain America' 5 and 'Boba Fett' 2 and so on and so on..."

I feel like Hollywood's going to be so absorbed with making sequels and the like, they'll have no room to make a new classic like "Star Wars." If George Lucas was a young director today and came up to these big studios with this crazy new idea for a "space western,' with droids and a mystical force and a Death Star, would he just be laughed out of the boardroom? Or given an opportunity to cut his teeth with the new "Fast and Furious" sequel?

Just points to ponder.

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