The Decelerator Helmet Slows The World Down In Real Time

The recent Judge Dredd movie introduced us to a world where a drug could slow down reality with some not-so-enjoyable side effects. Now a German artist has created a device that does this in the real world, thankfully without the drugs.

Officially named the Decelerator Helmet, Lorenz Potthast's creation allows whoever is wearing the device to see and hear the world around them at a slower speed than usual. Adding to the experience is a small, handheld controller that wearers can use to adjust the timing.

The helmet, which fully encloses the wearer's head, features a built-in computer and a head-mounted display that shows the wearer to see the world in slow-motion. There's also a display mounted on the outside of helmet that shows onlookers what the wearer is seeing.

Obviously, wearing something like this while you run out for your daily errands would be a incredibly dangerous, but in a controlled environment, with the guidance of a trustworthy assistant the Decelerator Helmet could easily deliver slow motion version of the world around you, something the average person has never experienced before.

Potthast doesn't seem to have any plans for commercializing his device, but if you want to see it in action you can watch the demo video below, in which a willing test subject makes her way through a crowded public place.