MTV Geek's Steven Smith Wants An Animated 'Firefly' Show Sooooo Bad...

By Steven Smith

Here’s the thing – there needs to be more "Firefly" episodes. Ah-ah-ah, I know some of you Browncoats out there are sputtering “We’ve been clamoring for that for years! Who the hell do you think you are MTV Geek dude?!!”

Who am I? I’m a big-ass "Firefly" fan like yourself. SO MUCH so, that I watch "Castle" every week because I love Nathan Fillion. Major man crush btw, and for those of you who saw me drunkenly fawn over him at the Spike SDCC party – I apologize for nothing. He’s Malcolm Reynolds and I will call him Cap’n no matter how many pieces of pizza he’s eating at the buffet. Also, screw you bartender. Just because I order the drinks doesn’t mean you have to serve them to me.

I actually watched the first episode of "Firefly" on Fox. And by "watched" I mean I turned it on, saw Serenity fly up behind Mal, Zoe and Jayne on a cliff and promptly changed the channel. This may shock some of you but like many of you, I got hooked on the show when it was syndicated on the Sci-Fi channel (not SyFy – seriously, the frak does that mean?).

And I was HOOKED, kind of like I am now with "Misfits". Fine, I get into cool things late, except for the Flaming Lips – ’92 bitches! But once I saw every episode of "Firefly" in the correct order I was all in. And still am. I watch them every year and I did see Serenity in the theater so that’s pretty cool. And it sewed everything up nicely I thought. But how to continue…

The comics are fine, "Better Days" being the best among them, but I feel the strongest way to continue the series would be animation. I know this was mentioned at this past year’s San Diego Comic Con and it would make fans happy BUT WHY ISN’T IT COMING TO PASS?!!! Seems like a no-brainer right? All the actors would be into it? Who doesn’t love a good voiceover gig? C’mon Fillion, you’re a killer Green Lantern, strap the pistol on agin’!

The key would be to literally make it a continuation after "Serenity". Wash and Shepherd Book are dead, River is the new pilot (as well as warrior elite bad ass), and to keep with the intended continuity Zoe is pregnant and Inara sick with an incurable disease – or is it? Don’t go traipsing through the past like "Clone Wars" but expound on the future. And if you really miss Wash, make him the voice of Serenity. Nah, too creepy.

The actual animation is the tricky part. You don’t want it too cartoony, maybe a little anime-y, but it has to have some realism to it because them Reavers is yucky, plus you want to feel the western grime of the fringe planets. May I recommend the folks behind "G.I. Joe Resolute"? If you haven’t seen it then you oughtta. Or those behind the animated "Hellboys", right? Right? You know I’m right.

"Firefly" is an anomaly in the geek world. It is universally loved and missed. The story of its demise is the stuff of legend, and its resurrection to become a film the true log line of what fandom can really do. So let’s start those Facebook petitions, get those tumblrs rolling, tweet and retweet and tweet again to make "Firefly the Animated Series" happen. Because we need to keep flying.

Steven Smith has met Nathan Fillion twice and acted like a goof both times, if anyone from "Firefly" reads this and wants to be on his podcast Going Off Track that would be great, and Wash dying STILL bums him out.

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