'The Big Bang Theory' Creates 'Call Me Maybe' Flash Mob

The cast and crew Of "Big Bang Theory" broke into a flash mob to Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" during the filming of a scene on the CBS sitcom. Check the background for Jim Parsons' very Sheldon-like reaction to the dance.

The video was posted on the show's official Facebook page with the following message from Kaley Cuoco (Penny):

Hello to our awesome Big Bang fans! Finally the moment has come... All my dreams have come true... Yes, my dream to have a live, full out, dance routine for the world to see, has finally happened... I present to you... The Big Bang Theory Flash mob!(This literally was the best night of my entire life) Enjoy!!

Love Kaley!

Ps. A special thanks to the cast and bad-ass crew, for going all in, and making it a night to remember!

Pss. My sister Bri choreographed the entire routine! :)