'Walking Dead' #1 Goes For Over $10,000 On eBay

Well, I sold my set of "The Walking Dead" #1-30 on eBay several years ago for about $40, but I'm not bitter at all oh no I'm not.

But seriously, who knew that one day "The Walking Dead" would become such a phenomenon that apparently a copy of the first issue just sold on eBay for $10,100? Yeah sure, maybe Robert Kirkman knew...but that's called The Power of Positive Thinking. I mean...really!

A caveat to this story: this copy of "The Walking Dead" #1 was graded 9.9 by the CGC (Certified Guaranty Company LLC), which basically means it was dead-on perfect mint. This is not the sort of comic one eagerly reads with grubby fingers. This comic is hermetically sealed, preserved in carbonite if you will. It is simply -- THE BEST. What Flyerscomics, who sold the periodical in question, referred to as "The Holy Grail Of Comic Books."

"Holy Grail": 9.9 ("not 9.8") graded copy of "The Walking Dead" #1

Usually when we think of comics going for a lot of $, we think of Nicolas Cage older issues like "Action Comics" #1, for instance. Does this historic sale mean that "The Walking Dead" has reached a certain echelon? Could this be a new "Golden Age" of comics? Like, an Aluminum Age? Will the sale set off a speculator frenzy among comics collectors similar to what happened in the 1990s? When would-be investors would buy whole long-boxes of first issues and multi-chromal die-cut polybagged variant covers, saying (I worked in comics retail in the early Nineties, I remember) "this is for my child's college tuition"?

Oh, brave new old world, with so many mylar super-seal collector's sleeves in it!

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