Paizo Publishing Launches Massive Public 'Pathfinder' RPG Playtest

There are plenty of reasons to play a roleplaying game. Modern RPGs are doing a fantastic job at encouraging story building and character development, but some players are still there for the classic experience: hack and slash, collect the loot, and complete the quest. For this more traditional play, it's all about the level. High level characters pack a bigger punch, and Paizo Publishing is preparing to takes its "Pathfinder" RPG into epic level territory with next year's "Mythic Adventures" sourcebook.

Paizo describes the hook of "Mythic Adventures" in simple terms: "the mythic rules allow characters (and monsters) to break some of the fundamental rules of the game. They allow a character to cheat death, to change the outcome of die rolls, and even to act twice in one turn." Basically, prepare to crank your character's level so high that you can throw out the standard "Pathfinder" rulebook. The only question is how high will the level structure scale? That's up to you and a legion of "Pathfinder" playtesters to help determine.

Between now and January 2013, "Mythic Adventures" will be open for public playtest. If you're interested in playing some epic level "Pathfinder," get on it. After the playtest wraps, "Mythic Adventures" hits store shelves in August of that year.

Dedicated RPG fans are getting used to being part of the creative process. Paizo pioneered the massive public playtest with their original "Pathfinder" release back in 2008, pulling in over 55,000 gamers. Since then, "Pathfinder" has steadily climbed to the top of RPG sales charts (according to, unseating "Dungeons & Dragons." Publishers took notice, and we've since seen large-scale playtests from Wizards of the Coast with "D&D Next" and Fantasy Flight Games with "Star Wars: Edge of the Empire."

For those who decide to participate in the playtest, or who just want to take a peek at how the system is developing, Paizo Publishing is encouraging players to communicate feedback via their official "Mythic Adventures" forum.