The Sexiest Superhero Alive Is...AQUAMAN!

The people have spoken! MTV Geek's "Sexiest Superhero Alive" is Arthur Curry, also known as Aquaman!

While he might be the butt of many jokes about his brightly-colored costume and water-based powers -- he also has a great butt! But! That's not all that makes Aquaman a hard halibut habit to break for so many.

Whether sporting a water hand, no hand, a shaggy beard, hipster sideburns, an interesting but ultimately unmarketable blue swirley costume, or a tasteful line of coral-derived non-conflict jewelry, Aquaman just has that boy-next-door quality (if you happen to live next door to an ocean) that is simply timeless.

So Aquaman -- congrats! Next step: the movies. And I have just the guy to play you:

Thanks for playing! Let's all do this again next time real soon!

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