Marvel NOW! Rick Remender Adds To The Team In 'Uncanny Avengers' #5

"Their mandate doesn't stop with punching the Red Skull in the head, they're out there ultimately to change people's perception of this minority group."

In February, Rick Remender will expand the roster of "Uncanny Avengers" to 9 for Marvel NOW! with the addition of Sunfire, Wonder Man, and Wasp. On a call with Remender and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort, the men discussed the purposes that each new member will serve, as well as the challenges of balancing both the Mutant and Avenging sides of the team. Plus, a guest artist was announced for "Uncanny Avengers #5." Find out who it is after the jump.

The call began with the announcement that the cast of characters will now grow to 9 which prompted Brevoort to joke, "By Rick standards it's a tiny cast." When asked why, Remender was hesitant to give away too much but he shared his enthusiasm for Sunfire, heralding his "surliness" and teased the "business" that he and Wolverine have that'll be revealed once the issue hits stands. Remender's excited to bounce the character off the other members of the team, especially given his history as a loner, which should make him the perfect, or perhaps least perfect partner for Logan, who will embark on, in Brevoort's words "a Samurai mission."

We moved on to Wonder Man's surprising role as the pacifist and P.R. man for the team. He explained how his job will be to help the "Avengers" re-assemble its image following its turbulent past. Wonder Man's job will be to highlight what's best about mutants in general. "Basically what you saw in 'Uncanny Avengers' was a mutant go crazy and kill a lot of people, and that's not something we're going to take lightly, that's going to have ramifications down the road. This is something that leaves a giant scar across the world and when you have an event like that people get frightened." So Wonder Man's job will be heal that scar. Remender says, he has "turn that ship" and calls Simon, "the heart" of the team. He also teased how Simon and Wanda's (Scarlet Witch) relationship will play out in very interesting ways over the course of the series. Brevoort added the "Uncanny Avengers" are an activist group, equating them to the NAACP for mutants. "Their mandate doesn't stop with punching the Red Skull in the head, they're out there ultimately to change people's perception of this minority group." In regard to his role as pacifist, Remender said that there would be serious reprcussions, equating it to having "Superman sitting in your office, but he won't come help you." Remender added that Wonder Man adds a whole new dimension to the team.

Wasp will act as funding to for the team so its free from "government mandates." She too will try to realign the public's perception so that's it's more in focus with the team's mission statement which. Remender said that she'll need to make the "Uncanny Avengers" hip and cool, even going as far as monetizing them. "She's a smart gal and she's savvy. She's got fashion sense and she's got a plan on how to make mutants hip. In her mind, how better to make people like something that seems dangerous than to turn just a few degrees to the left and it goes from dangerous to cool."

Brevoort announced that Olivier Coipel will be handling art duties on "Uncanny Avengers #5," filling in for regular artist John Cassaday who was running behind and caused issue to be delayed. Brevoort said, "I know it sucks when the books are late and running behind, and everybody hates that in the moment..." but added "...but what I like most at the end of the day is excellent comics, and sometimes that means I have to give a guy an extra week. Said Remender "As a fan, I would rather have a beautiful John Cassaday comic that ships 10 days later than it was listed to ship, than to have five other artists dog piling on it to make the deadline." Brevoort assured us that Coipel sitting in will give Cassaday the time he needs to make his work on "Uncanny" stand up next to anything he did in his famous run on "Astonishing X-Men."

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