'Secret Circle' Creator Heads To ABC With Fantasy Drama 'Saga'

Andrew Miller's teen witch series "The Secret Circle" may not have survived to a second season, but that's not keeping the showrunner from shopping around new ideas to other networks. In this case, it's "Saga," which ABC is calling a mystery thriller set in the world of books that have come to life, according to a piece on THR.

The series follows a world famous author who, on the eve of completing her great fantasy epic (THR is saying similar to "Twilight"), mysteriously disappears. A family of fans discover that she's been kidnapped by the very characters she's created, and they set out to save her.

The description bears some resemblance to Mike Carey's "The Unwritten," which saw its lead forced to travel through great works of fiction to uncover the mystery of his estranged, missing father. Of course, ABC got a lot of flack before the premiere of "Once Upon A Time" about its similarity to another Vertigo property, "Fables," a charge made all the more pointed because parent company Disney owns Marvel.

Personally, I think ABC sees how well the TV fantasy game is doing for them and are looking to expand their content on that front. Centering it on a family might be able to expand their audience a little beyond the soap opera-y "Once Upon A Time."

Miller's "Secret Circle" started off rough, but as it started to explore some of the side characters, it really began to open up and feel like less of the "threat of the week" that the initial episodes provided. Plus, you know, Phoebe Tonkin was pretty terrific in it.

Besides "Saga" (whose title will now cause endless confusion with the Image comic of the same name when we tag it in our system), Miller is also working on a TV adaptation of the film version of Alex Garland's "The Beach."

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]

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