Animated 'Goon' Kickstarter Sets Record, Will Maybe Be Coming To Theater Near You

What can I say? Crowdsourcing works!

The Kickstarter for a proposed animated film version of the cult Eric Powell comic "The Goon" has completed funding, Blur Studios (and the movie's producer, one David Fincher) exceeding their $400,000 goal. By raising $441,900 from 7,576 backers, "The Goon" has set a Kickstarter record for animation projects. Our own Charles Webb interviewed Blur Studios' Tim Miller and Jeff Fowler last month, and they explained why it was so important to go the Kickstarter route (rather than have Fincher pony up the $ himself):

"A Hollywood guy writing a check for a vanity project doesn't speak to the studios the same way as the fans supporting the project in a very real and material way."

And so the fans have spoken. I said that "The Goon" will maybe coming to a theater near you because this Kickstarter only finances a story reel that will be used to secure funding for the whole cinematic enchilada. While there was some initial controversy that backers wouldn't be able to see this finished reel, the Kickstarter incentives were revised so that the reel will be screened for funders in Los Angeles.

Check out the initial "trailer" for "The Goon" below (featuring the voices of Clancy Brown and Paul Giamatti):

Via Cartoon Brew

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