Who Is The Sexiest Superhero Alive?

It was revealed this morning that Channing Tatum -- yes, "Magic Mike," but I'll always know him from that G.I. Joe movie -- is People's "Sexiest Man Alive."

But this site is called "MTV Geek" -- I feel it necessary to put our own unique spin on things. So I ask: WHO IS THE SEXIEST (MALE) SUPERHERO ALIVE? Let us know via Twitter or Facebook, and at the end of  the day we'll pick THE SEXIEST (MALE) SUPEHERO ALIVE!

Here are some possibilities:


The epitome of "tall, dark and handsome."

Iron Man

Also tall, dark, and handsome -- but also an occasional wise-ass, which is a plus.


When in doubt, go with "the classics." Maybe a little too "Boy Scout" -- but that can be adorable.


Peter Parker rocks the sexy/nerd thing pretty well. Would look better in skinny jeans than previous three choices.

Luke Cage

This dude was made for "Sexiest Man alive" magazine cover.


He's blond, wet, and probably hairless (for better swimming ability). He also really knows how to accessorize!

Nick Fury Jr. (Marcus Johnson)

Sort of like Samuel L. Jackson, but way younger.

John Constantine

For when you just want a cheeky bastard.


Hairy, but possessing an alluring musk of manliness.


This new superhero might be our "dark horse" of the contest, even though he looks more like an owl than a horse.

Captain America

This feels like we're essentially picking Channing Tatum again. If Cap was a male stripper.


For when you like it weird...(we don't judge)

Green Arrow

It's easy being green...and he's easy! (Actually, I have no data to back that up don't listen to me)

Tony Chu

Cibopaths are the new hotness.

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