Bird Photo Booth Will Have Birds Flocking To You For Their Close Up

Getting up close and personal with our avian friends can be pretty difficult. They're just too skittish for photo shoots, but a new invention from Bryson Lovett will have the birds flocking to you for their headshots. The Bird Photo Booth merges a classically designed bird feeder with your iPhone or GoPro camera, snapping photos of any bird that swoops in for a bite to eat.

Lovett is currently seeking funding for his project through Kickstarter. At the time of writing he has gathered $14,850 of a $35,000 goal he hopes to meet by Tuesday, December 4th. Contributors have a slew of pledge rewards to choose from, but if you want a Bird photo Booth of your own, you'll need to pledge at least $149 to the project.

What we love most about the Bird Photo Booth is the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Using these features, bird watchers have the chance to send a live feed from the booth straight to another device like an iPad using apps such as Duplicam. The Bird Photo Booth will even let you talk to birds in real time and instantly share your video and photos via social media.

On top of all that, the Bird Photo Booth features a very cool retro design, inspired by the original Instant Polaroid Land Camera. Check out the video below to get all the details straight from the creator himself.