Batman 'Death of The Family' This Week: Love, Hate, and Harley (Plus Exclusive Art!)

The Joker is back -- and he's doing far far more than just taking names. "Death of the Family," the epic comic book event taking place across the DC Comics Bat-Titles, continues this Wednesday Nov. 14 with three new issues:

Batman #14


Batman's life is falling apart as Joker is targeting everyone he holds he finally going to confront the monster that has made his life a living hell? And what about Alfred? What the heck happened to him?

Batgirl #14

We all know what happened the last time Joker and Batgirl faced off -- what will happen this time, when Joker's face is truly off? Expect the unexpected in this nail-biting issue...and let's all discuss the ending later this week, shall we?

Suicide Squad #14

Where  there's a lot of love, there's a lot of hate -- and I don't know about the former, but expect lots of the latter in this shattering issue that is definitely Harley-centric!

Check out some exclusive preview art from Batman #14 below -- and drop by again Thursday, as we'll do a "post-game" recap on all these issues!

More horrible stuff has happened to Brucie, no doubt...What's happened to Gordon???

Bats is NOT happy...

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