The Oxford American Dictionary Chooses 'GIF' As Word Of The Year, Celebrate By Falling Down Forever

GIF by our pals, Mr. Gif (congrats on going legit!)

GIF's, the ubiquitous animated images that make up 99.9% of all that is the Internet have finally gotten their infitely repeating moment in the sun thanks to Oxford American Dictionary. The Ox (as I and no one else call it) has chosen GIF as its word of the year, beating out fellow inter-speak thing YOLO (you only live once). GIF made the cut due to its transition from noun, meaning "a lossless format for compressing image files" to verb as in "to gif."

According to Salon, Katherine Martin, head of the U.S. dictionaries program at Oxford said:

The GIF has evolved from a medium for pop-cultural memes into a tool with serious applications including research and journalism, and its lexical identity is transforming to keep pace.

"serious applications including research and journalism" eh, Katherine?

Hooray for Interwebz!

[Source: Salon]