Don't Blink Or Weeping Angel Barbie Will Send You Back In Time

Sarah Franz-Wichlacz at wich-crafting came up with a very clever way to turn a Barbie doll into one of the The Doctor's most terrifying (and brilliant) foes, a Weeping Angel.

For those who don't know, a Weeping Angel is an alien speicies that resemble angelic statues that you'd find in any park in any city in the world. But if you don't keep your eyes on them (don't blink!) they'll morph into a snarling, though still statuesque, beasts and pounce on you, hurtling you back in time with just a touch.

With some simple foam, a gauze dress, textured spraypaint and plenty of glue you too can turn Mattel's eternal icon into the eternally unnerving "Doctor Who" villain.

Head over to Sarah's blog to find out how to make a Weeping Angel Barbie step-by-step.

[Source: io9]