MTV Geek's Best TV Shows Of 2012

There's the good, the great, and then there's the BEST. Welcome to MTV Geek's Best of 2012 -- what we thought were the cream of the crop this year in the world of GEEK!

By Valerie Gallaher, Eddie Wright, Alex Zalben and Charles Webb

10. FACE OFF Eddie says: "It's 'Top Chef' for makeup FX geeks! If Rick Baker is your James Beard awarding-winning chef, this is totally the show for you. Creative challenges and (mostly) super-talented challengers made for great TV this year. Long live that crazy dude who ran away in the first episode of the season."

9. BOOTH AT THE END: Valerie says: "This underrrated Hulu original mixes David Lynch with David Mamet and completely draws you in."

8. TRUE BLOOD Charles says: "This season had its share of problems (mostly related to Sookie becoming increasingly unbearable as a character), but when it was on, when the Authority was in full swing and Russell Edgington allowed to be his crazy self, it was fantastic."

7. SHERLOCK Charles says: "Irene Adler. 'Nuff said."

6. ONCE UPON A TIME Charles says: "At times campy and overdone, the plotting in this fantasy drama is worth sticking around for as the past catches up with the fractured present of its fairy tale heroes and villains."

5. FRINGE Alex says: "After a controversial fourth season that was a bold experiment in presenting slightly different looks at the characters we knew and loved, FRINGE is wrapping up in grand style this year, blowing up the basic premise and pushing its characters farther and deeper than they’ve ever gone before. Plus, we’re gonna miss Walter Bishop a whole lot."

4. THE WALKING DEAD Alex says: "Despite a good episode here and there, we were mostly sticking with 'The Walking Dead' out of loyalty...until this season. Every episode has been packed with jaw dropping shocks, twists, and some of the best zombie action ever. Things are going to get better for Rick Grimes and company soon though, right? Whew."

3. COMMUNITY Valerie says: "The little show that could that basically turned the behind-the-scenes of their tumultous third season into some supremely unique, meta and memorable episodes." Eddie says: "'Community' wears its heart on its sleeve and we need more of that. Here's hoping its heart is just as visible with Dan Harmon no longer at the helm."

2 . GAME OF THRONES Alex says: "The first season of this show was great, but it was Season 2 where GoT really came into it’s own. The scenes between Arya Stark and Tywin Lannister, in particular – scenes that don’t exist in the books – showed how the actors, writers, and directors are firing on all cylinders. Plus, there was no bigger moment on television than the beginning of the Battle of Blackwater. Wildfire FTW." Charles says: "Heading full-tilt into war, we lost some characters this season while the threat beyond the wall began stirring, leading to a final, winning scene at the end of the season."

1. DOCTOR WHOAlex says: "It was an abbreviated season, but 'Who' has never looked better than it did this year. Plus, the opener and closer were fantastic, epic episodes with grand emotion and big goodbyes. Oh, and Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. Need we say more?" Charles says: "'Doctor Who': While I wasn't exactly as moved by the finale as many fans were (we get it, the Doctor's lonely) that doesn't mean this most recent season didn't have its standout moments." Valerie says: "It's been a great trip with the Ponds, despite some perhaps overly-complex mythos-building in the middle for a while." Eddie says: "The opening few minutes of the half-season closer, 'The Angels Take Manhattan' is some of the best TV of the year on its own."

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