Learning 'What Might Have Been' During The 'Firefly' Reunion Special

io9 has the scoop on what went down during last night's "Firefly" reunion special on the Science Channel -- namely, lots of tender reminiscing about the classic TV show, and some glimpses of might what have been but never happened. Here some of the highlights:

Jayne Gets His Own Ship

Adam Baldwin discussed his story idea of Jayne becoming the captain of his own ship, even becoming a rival to Mal. Surprise! He fails miserably.

Inara Gets Essentially Gang-Raped


"She had this magic syringe. She would take this drug. And if she were, for instance, raped, the rapist would die a horrible death. The story was that she gets kidnapped by Reavers and when Mal finally got to the ship to save her from the Reavers, he gets on the Reaver ship and all the Reavers are dead. Which would suggest a kind of really bad assault. At the end of the episode, he comes in after she's been horribly brutalized, and he comes in and he gets down on his knee, and he takes her hand. And he treats her like a lady. And that's the kind of stuff that we wanted to do. It was very dark."

Mal Lets These Poor Peoples Totally Die And Stuff

The idea was that the crew land on this planet with sweet, seemingly nice citizens. When they are caught trying to steal the ship, they admit that the planet is dying and that they have to get off by "borrowing" the ship. Mal says, "OK that sounds reasonable, let me sleep on it." And so when all the people from the planet are sleeping, Mal gets the ship out of there and totally lets them die. Because heavy the head that wears the crown, and all that.

Simon And Kaylee Have A Baby


Don't forget to check out video we shot of the "Firefly" NYCC panel this year:

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